Cake Pop Display

Sometimes the hardest thing about cake pops is figuring out how they will be displayed. In my other post on my sister’s bridal shower cake pops, I have the cake pops displayed in a very structured manner.

I actually made the stand up at the last minute when I realized I had nowhere to put the pops. Luckily my parents always have old styrofoam laying around (from all the online shopping in case you’re wondering where I get it from). So I took a square piece of styrofoam and covered it with green tissue paper. Then I just stabbed the cake pops into the styrofoam. The best part about using the styrofoam is that you can decide where you want to poke the holes.

For my easter cake pops, I used a vase from Michaels (45 cents or something cheap like that) and filled it with gross tasting jelly beans (not on purpose, they just happened to be terrible, Brach’s or something), and stuck the cake pops in.

The jelly beans held the cake pops in place. I think you could use anything you wanted like those glass rocks or M&M’s and fill up a glass vase or something. There are plenty of ways to display these delicious little one-bite wonders.

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