Chicks and Flowers – Cake Pops

Did you know that a chickadee is a real type of bird? I did not and I kept calling the chick cake pop a chickadee. Although according to the definition I found online, the chick cake pops kind of encompass the definition “universally considered ‘cute'”, “oversized round head”, etc.

I made these cake pops for Easter. I got the idea for the chicks on Bakerella of course. Except I didn’t feel like buying the star-shaped sprinkles for the feet, so I just used nerds for all of the appendages. Then I used non-pareils for the eyes. Don’t use red non-pareils! Your chick will look possessed. Here’s my chick making factory below…

For the flowers, I rolled the cake pops in a more cylindrical shape. Then I got pastel M&M’s and before the candy melt dried, I stuck them on (“M” side down). I used mini M&M’s for the center of the flower.

What did I use?

  • A box of white cake mix
  • Homemade Vanilla Icing (about the same amount of one canned icing)
  • Nerds (1 box is enough)
  • Pastel M&M’s
  • Mini M&M’s
  • White and yellow candy melts
  • Jelly beans
  • cake pop sticks
  • purple plaid ribbon, green ribbon, and “Happy Easter” ribbon
  • clay pots
  • cake pop clear bags

Quick Tips

– Freeze your cake balls after they are rolled! This makes it so much easier to coat them with candy melts

– Dip the cake pop stick in a little bit of candy melt before sticking it into the cake ball, this helps it stay better

– Keep some cake pops frozen as you’re working with other ones so they don’t get warm

– Have your decorations prepared (I divided the M&M colors up before I started dipping the cake balls), you want the coating to still be wet when you stick the decorations on



One thought on “Chicks and Flowers – Cake Pops

  1. I have had all of these treats and they are all awesome! These ones have been the biggest hits with my nieces (4 and 6). A very talented Baker, now with a Kitchenaid mixer, look out.

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