Fourth of July Cupcakes

I must admit, I’ve been so busy wedding planning that I haven’t had the time to continue updating my blog with past desserts, and upload new ones. This fourth of july, I was pretty lazy too. I made red, white, and blue cupcakes, but I cheated an used this strawberry cake mix I had laying around (from when I couldn’t decide whether to make white or strawberry cake pops). It was on sale for $1, so I figured I couldn’t go wrong buying it.

It’s so pink, it must be made with real strawberries! NOT! But hey, it’s Pillsbury and the extra moist kind with pudding. Cake and pudding, best match yet. So follow the directions on the box, pretty easy. Next, I made my first Swiss Meringue Frosting. I found the recipe from AnniesEats.

Quick Tips

  • Here’s how I made the double boiler to melt the eggs and sugar…a glass heatproof pyrex bowl and a pot filled with water. I’ve done this before with a regular frying pan on top of the pot – don’t know if this is correct, but it worked.
  • If you’ve never made swiss meringue buttercream before, you will be surprised how long this needs to beat for. It starts looking like egg white and sugar. Then it starts turning white but is very liquid-like. Keep beating…

Keep beating…

Keep beating…

Then it will start curdling after it looks like above.

And you keep beating…and STOP!

So I got so excited that it worked out (since the curdling really looked like a mess – and I forgot to take a picture of that), I also forgot to take the last picture of a finished frosting. But it is pretty much what’s on the cupcake.

  • Not the biggest fan of strawberry cake mix. Even for $1. I wish I made a strawberry cupcake from scratch.

My conclusion – Swiss Meringue buttercream, great for the person who likes the not so sweet, whipped cream-tasting, frosting.  Personally, I’m more of a sugary rich buttercream kind of person.

Either way, hope you had a HAPPY FOURTH!


2 thoughts on “Fourth of July Cupcakes

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