Cake Pops – Chocolate Mint

Do you love cake pops as much as I do? Well, for my sister’s bridal shower more than a year ago I made chocolate mint cake pops! I kind of cheated on these, but hey, they still tasted good and that’s what matters. I used a regular box of devil’s food cake mix, you can use any chocolate cake mix type, and I hate hate hate to say this, but I bought a can of vanilla icing and just dropped a teaspoon of mint extract in it. Her colors were pink and green if you haven’t noticed.

For a cake pop, you can’t taste the difference between canned and homemade icing as much as with a regular cake or cupcake. I would never use the canned icing for a cake or cupcake. You’ll be proud of me though, for easter I did use a homemade vanilla buttercream icing to make the cake pops, but it actually turned out really mushy. Maybe the canned is better for this application…

Oh yea, follow the directions from good ole Bakerella.

To do the J’s and the squiggle design I used a regular squeeze bottle I got from Michaels. I used the Wilton candy melts to coat the cake pops and make the design on them. I tried using real chocolate before, but this was a bust. It’s too thick and doesn’t coat as evenly and easily as candy melts. True, it tastes way better, but just too hard.

Quick Tip:  Wash the candy melt from the squeeze bottle if you intend to use them again. This stuff will dry hard and dry fast. It’s a pain to get out of the bottle.


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