Noodles and Golf Courses – Cupcakes

What is better than the mixture of peanut butter and chocolate? Reeses got it right the first time (maybe the chocolate to PB ratio is a little off for me, more PB the better, but I’ll let it go).  These cupcakes are chocolate cupcakes (from Flour in previous post) with a peanut butter frosting.

These cupcakes may not look like cupcakes (or maybe they just look weird) but they were intended to look like ramen noodles and the random dried veggies they have in that stuff. I made these for my fiance’s brother’s wife’s birthday. That’s a lot of possessives. The “veggies” are gummy bears cut up and the “chopsticks” are actually Pringles wheat stix. These were discontinued when I bought them, so you may need to use pretzels or cookie sticks instead. To make the frosting look like noodles just take a round Tip 3-4 size and squeeze on top of the cupcake in a random or swirly motion. Your tip size determines the size of your noodles. After a while, the “noodles” just cover the cupcake. Have fun with it!

Peanut butter frosting recipe is as follows from SallysBakingAddiction:

Next on the list were the golf course cupcakes. These were for my fiance’s brother’s birthday. Their birthdays are separated by a couple days.

As you can see, I used the same Pringles sticks for the little flag. I took fruit roll-up and cut it into a triangle flag shape. Unfortunately after a while the flags started getting soggy and sagged as you can see. The white golf balls I actually found some random candy that were cinnamon bun flavored balls. Who knows, I’m sure if you search the grocery store candy aisle you can find something that works. The same chocolate cupcake was used and the same vanilla buttercream from Sprinkles was used. I just died the buttercream green and piped it with a closed star Tip 27. Fore!


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