7 *Sweet* Food Gifts

It’s been awhile! We’ve finally moved in our new house, unpacked as many boxes as we could, and started painting, decorating, and fixing all the little things, all while watching our new kitchen and dining room being built. I can’t wait to have my new kitchen. Until then, I’ve got some sweet little desserts to catch up on sharing with you all!

For Christmas I made my family each a box of desserts, packed with 7 different deserts each named after them with a little motto characterizing their personalities. I took a box I got from A.C. Moore and wrapped it with this cute wrapping paper from Marshalls, they have the best wrapping paper usually for $2.99! It’s textured, great quality, and less expensive than the $8 paper from Papyrus.

I made little descriptions of each candy with the person’s name and printed them out. Then I glued each to the top of the box above where I put the treat. Just like those boxes of Russel Stover candies where they have the type of chocolate above the chocolate itself. Takes the fun out of guessing, but eh, I end up eating it all anyway so it doesn’t really matter which one goes first.

For the next 7 posts I will be blogging the recipes I’ve packed in this little box. Here are the following contents in the box…

DSC_0933_2If you can’t read that, they are:

Each post will be linked back to this main one above.


Stay tuned and enjoy the closeups!


6 thoughts on “7 *Sweet* Food Gifts

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