I got this idea from the movie Yes Man starring Jim Carrey and Zoey Deschanel. To sum it up, in this movie Jim Carrey’s character has to say “yes” to every opportunity that comes his way. Well, he meets Zoey Deschanel and says “yes” to participating in her photography jogging club where they run around the city and take photos as they run (blurry or not). When I went on my 10 mile run yesterday, I passed all through the city of Boston (mainly near the Charles River – or as some people say, “Chawles”) and with the snow just melting it was beautiful. I wish I had my camera on me!

Today I didn’t really feel like working out, so I figured, why not bring the camera and take a photo when I see something eye catching; this way I’d sneak in exercise, but it’d be fun. I didn’t care about stopping during my jog to take photos (on days I’m being intense about the running, I would get pretty annoyed doing that).

I highly recommend this for the days you really don’t want to get outside and run. This will get you outside, make you do a light jog, and the best part is you’ll be distracted! I ended up doing 6 miles and I listened to some podcasts too – Fresh Air with Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin, and Tracy Morgan. Very funny.


Here are the results of my run in order of sight throughout Boston’s Back Bay (with some fun editing in Picasa):


1.  Storrow Drive – view from the pedestrian bridge (Picasa:  cross-process edit)

IMG_0007_web2.  Pedestrian Bridge over the Storrow Lagoon (Picasa:  cross-process edit)

IMG_0015_web3.  Harvard Bridge (A.K.A. Mass. Ave Bridge, MIT Bridge) – connecting Boston to Cambridge (Picasa:  B&W feature)


4.  Brownstones in Back Bay and John Hancock Tower – cityscape from across the Storrow Lagoon (Picasa:  Boost feature)


5.  Peeping through the Harvard Bridge rails (Picasa:  Contrast and Boost feature)


6.  BU Bridge – up close and personal (Picasa:  Contrast and B&W feature)


7.  Ducks next to BU Bridge – they just happened to both have their heads down at the same time (Picasa:  Boost feature)

IMG_0031_web8.  View from BU Bridge – love the graffiti (Picasa:  Boost and Contrast)

IMG_0020_web9.  Sailing next to Longfellow Bridge – zoomed in from the BU Bridge (Picassa:  1960’s feature)


10.  BU Boathouse – I just liked the “lilypads” of ice leading to the boathouse (Picasa:  Contrast and Boost feature)


11.  Hyatt Regency Hotel (Cambridge, MA) – it’s a pyramid-shaped hotel! (Picasa:  Contrast and Boost)


12.  Paul Dudley White Bike Trail – the Back Bay-side of it, glad I got an empty shot (Picasa:  Vignette)


13.  View of Longfellow Bridge or “Salt and Pepper Bridge” (Picasa:  Boost and Saturation)


14.  The Christian Science Plaza – is that Tom Cruise there? (Picasa:  Boost and Contrast)


15.  Reflecting Pool near Christian Science Center with Downtown Boston Cityscape – not so reflective right now since there wasn’t water in it (Picasa:  Saturation)

These photos were all taken post-blizzard of more than 2 feet hitting Boston. There’s still massive piles of snow everywhere, but the city did pretty good. The rain helped too.

I hope you enjoyed my photos as much as I enjoyed my run today! 


4 thoughts on “Photo-Running!

  1. Absolutely stunning.., each one! Brilliant my dear friend 🙂

    I hope you don’t mind if I reblog your link on my reblog page?

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