“I’m a Baking Enthusiast” Award

I would first like to thank Teresa from Can’t Stay Out of the Kitchen for this “I’m a Baking Enthusiast” Award (originally created by MyDearBakes). Both are well-crafted blogs that always have delicious and creative recipes!


I started this blog only several months ago, but I have been baking since I could use the oven. As I got older and could buy actual decorating supplies and could also explore recipes online my baking experience has grown ever since. Now that I’ve discovered the blog world, I feel like the possibilities for baked goods are limitless! So I guess you could say that I am a baking enthusiast 🙂

Rules for this Award

What the recipient should do upon receiving the award.

1. Visit and thank the person who has awarded you.

2. Acknowledge the person and write a post on your blog/website/Facebook and include a link back so that other can find out about this award!

3. As the award looks so nice. Do display the award on your website/Facebook!

4. The recipient of the award can in turn select and award other blogs who deserve the award. – Please note that this is optional, you can chose not to award anyone even if you have received the award!

I am happy to nominate these baking enthusiasts that I have come across during my many google searches for interesting and new recipes to try. They truly deserve this award.

My Nominations for this Award

The Purple Spoon – great step-by-step photos and interesting recipes, never light on the sugar!

Paddle Attachment – beautiful sugar cookie decorating, a great way to get ideas for your next themed event

Sweet and Crumbly – the tagline is “Baking, a Love Story” need I say more?

The Domestic Rebel – not only cute bakes, but cute names for them. delicious stuff.

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