Patriots Helmet Cake Tutorial – Does cake bring good luck?

I have to start this post with a disclaimer – I am not a Patriots fan! Now, that doesn’t mean I am not supportive of my husband’s team when they play (and aren’t playing my team – the Eagles). Usually it’s not a problem since we are in different conferences, and it’s especially not a problem since this season my team blows. That being said, I decided to post this cake I made a couple of years ago for my husband’s birthday in response to the upcoming game this Sunday that will decide if the Pats move to the AFC Championship. Go Pats!


For this cake I used the homemade funfetti cake recipe I blogged about previously. I also made the Sprinkles vanilla buttercream recipe for decorating and layering.

Here’s how I made the cake.

Football Helmet Cake Tutorial 

What you’ll need:

  • Four 8 or 9 inch cake rounds about 2 inches high
  • Buttercream icing (double a regular recipe for a two layer 9 inch cake)
  • Food coloring matching your team’s colors
  • Dense rice krispie treat (recipe here, just press a regular rice krispie treat down more than usual)
  • Sharp knife


1.  Stack the four layers of cake like you would a normal cake, using a thing layer of buttercream between each layers. I used tin foil underneath to help with easier clean up later on. 


2.  Then press the rice krispie mixture in the same size pan (8 or 9 inch). Take it out of the pan and cut off about 1/3 of it. Use the other 2/3 to line up against the side of the cake so you know how to cut it into a moon shape and it will be flush with the side of the cake. Here it is lined up next to the cake.


3.  Then start cutting around the top of the cake until it is nice and round like a helmet. I lost some of these photos, so I can’t show you many in between photos.


Here the rice krispie is already flush with the side.

4.  Start rounding out the bottom a little by cutting inward at the bottom of the cake. Then start cutting into the cake near the rice krispie section to cut out the face of the helmet.


And then crumb coat the cake.

5.  Then apply a thicker coat of the buttercream to give the helmet a nice and smooth look. Then you can start decorating. I start with the wire frame. I used a wide round tip.


Then I practiced the logo a little on a piece of paper before piping it on the cake.


And finally finished the decoration.


I put the logo on both sides of the helmet. Then I wrote Happy Birthday on the top of the cake and the bottom part of the helmet. I tried to write his name like how they write Patriots.


It’s not perfectly straight, but it was the first time I had written on a round surface.

This is how I did my helmet cake. I wonder if this post, and this cake (although completely eaten and gone) will bring good luck to the Pats on Sunday…



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