DIY Cake Stand

I knew I wanted to make a three tiered wedding cake, the bottom tier being 12″, the second tier being 8″, and the third tier being 6″. I mainly chose a 12″ bottom layer cake because I had that size cake pan already (use what you got, don’t buy more!). I searched everywhere for a 14″ cake stand since the piping of the cake would trail onto the cake stand, so I needed an inch on each side for the design. I couldn’t find one for under $40 and that was also simple enough so it didn’t take away from the design of the cake. Here’s what I came up with…

Materials Needed

  • 14 inch round (or square) mirror
  • 8 inch round cookie tin (or bigger)
  • Decorative paper of your choice
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Where did I get my stuff? 

The mirror I got from Michaels, I think it was only $10 or so, and I used a 40% off coupon. The cookie tin I also got from Michael’s and it was only $3 or $4 dollars. The paper we got from Paper Source – they have tons of pretty designs and you can just change out the paper if you want to change it for the holidays or other events. The hot glue gun and sticks, don’t remember, but you can get it anywhere! I like Lowe’s for that stuff since it’s cheaper.

Put it All Together

1.  Take the cookie tin and hot glue the lid to the tin box so you make sure it doesn’t just come off. Hammer it down a little to make sure the lid is on evenly.

2.  Wrap the cookie tin with the paper and glue either ends. You can wrap it like a present.

3.  Measure out the tin on the back of the mirror and mark points on it to ensure it’s in the center.

4.  Hot glue the top of the tin on the back end of the mirror. Feel free to add a little more hot glue to ensure it’s really on there.


Voila! A cake stand (and that’s my wedding cake I made, in a post to come!)


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