3 Times the Cooling, 3 Times the Fun

What could be better than cooling one rack of cookies waiting to be eaten? Cooling THREE racks of cookies!! I have found my 3 tiered cooling rack to be such a help while baking, because I can cool three times as many baked goods while only using up one rack of space on my kitchen counter.

I prefer these so much over my single racks. I have the Wilton ones. I really like this kind because the legs fold down flat, and they have a bit of a dip so it falls securely into place over the other rack. I read some reviews of other racks that have legs that don’t fold down, which would defeat the purpose of saving space (even if it is storage space vs. cooling space). Anyway, I’m sure they have different brands like this one….although I did notice today they are on sale at Macy’s for $11.99!


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