Flour’s Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

My friend’s wedding in August is in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I don’t know if you guys have ever heard of a cookie table, but this is a big Pittsburgh tradition, and it’s awesome! I love cookies, especially an assortment of cookies laid out on a table, with their sole purpose being for you to choose which lucky cookies you are going to eat. Oh those lucky cookies. I usually try to take one of each type of cookie. Anyway, I digress.

Usually the cookies on the cookie table are made by family and friends that want to contribute to the cookie table with their secret family recipe, a cookie recipe they’ve been dying to try, and to show off their cookie skills. Since this is my good friend, and I was honored to be chosen as a bridesmaid, I decided to make three types of cookies. Oatmeal raisin, snickerdoodle bars (yes bars, I will post this later), and sugar cookies. THESE ARE THE BEST OATMEAL RAISIN COOKIES EVER! Flour never disappoints with their recipes. I have made my share of oatmeal raisin cookies, and I can say these are the best cookies. 

Here’s the recipe…


• 1 cup (2 sticks) unsalted butter, room temperature
• ¾ cup granulated sugar
•1 cup light brown sugar, packed
•2 eggs
•1 ¾ cup all-purpose flour
•1 ¾ cup old fashioned rolled oats (not instant, please not instant!)
•1 tsp baking soda
•1 tsp kosher salt
•¼ tsp ground nutmeg
•¼ tsp ground cinnamon
•1 ½ cup raisins


  1. Using a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment (or handheld mixer, or wooden spoon), cream together the butter, sugar, and brown sugar on medium speed for about 5 minutes until mixture is light and fluffy (may take longer with handheld mixer). Stop the mixer a few times to scrape the sides and bottom of the bowl. Beat in eggs on medium speed for 2 to 3 minutes, until thoroughly combined. Scrape the bowl and the paddle again to make sure the eggs are thoroughly incorporated.
  2. In medium bowl, stir together the flour, oats, baking soda, salt, nutmeg, and cinnamon. Add the raisins and toss to combine. On low speed slowly add flour mixture to the butter sugar mixture until flour is completely incorporated and dough is even mixed.
  3. For best results, scrape dough into airtight container and let rest in the refrigerator overnight (or 3 to 4 hours) before baking. When ready to bake, position a rack in the center of the oven and heat oven to 350 deg F.
  4. Drop the dough in ¼ cup balls (2 dozen cookies) onto a baking sheet, spacing them about 2 in apart. Flatten each ball slightly with the palm of your hand.
  5. Bake 20-22 minutes until cookies are golden brown on the edges and slightly soft in the center – don’t overbake! Let cool on a wire rack for 5 to 10 minutes.


I made my cookies smaller since it was for a cookie table. Otherwise, the really huge cookie taste the best. I think it’s the equal parts nutmeg to cinnamon, it really adds flavor. You also definitely need to allow these to firm up in the refrigerator. Mine were too soft to make into cookie balls until I allowed it to firm for about 4 hours in the refrigerator. The raw batter was delicious as well.

I ended up making 4 dozen cookies from this one recipe batch. My cookies were about a big rounded tablespoon of batter to do this. I also love my stackable cooling racks. It saves space, but allows for lots of cookies!

If I made these again, I would probably make these into ice cream sandwiches. I would make the oatmeal cookies using the 1/4 cup ball of batter, so they are really huge soft cookies, and then place a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream in the center. If you happen to see cinnamon ice cream, that may taste really good in between too. I’m getting hungry again…


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