For Christmas one year, I made an assortment of candies for my fiance’s family. I named each candy after a person in the family, for example, “Patrick’s Playful Peanut Butter Fudge” and “Paige’s Peppy Peppermint Marshmallows”. Each candy had a description that described his family’s personality.

Here are the recipes:


For the marshmallows, these taste great by itself, but floated in a cup of hot chocolate is especially good.

I used mini cupcake liners to put the candies into. Michael’s also sells special bags for pretzel wands, but they only fit one in! At least if you coat it like mine, they were too big to fit both in a bag. I also bought gold foil from Michaels to wrap the sea salt chocolate caramels. Here’s how the cut PB fudge looked:

I put all the candies in these hexagon shaped boxes. I did two layers of candy and used a piece of wax paper to separate the candies. Here’s a picture of the first layer. The pretzel wands wouldn’t fit so I tied them on top of the box.






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