Embroidery 101

My friend’s shower was coming up and I wanted to get her a gift off her registry, but also do something more personal. I got her a lasagna pan from the registry and my more personal gift was to do “his and hers” oven mitts to match. My fiance did have a point when he said, “his and hers oven mitts doesn’t really make sense since you usually need both mitts to pick something up”, but nonetheless, I went with it.

I was originally going to do the iron-on letters on one side with “his and hers” and the other side with their names, but again, my fiance with his advice said that iron-on wouldn’t look that nice and might melt in the heat. I decided to listen to him this time and to learn how to embroider letters. I learned off of this website which has a whole listing of letter types: Needle n’ Thread

For the HERS and HIS capital letter I did an outline of the words with a stem stitch. Then I filled it in using the detached buttonhole filling.


The video tutorials are great. The other side had their names:

I did that with the same stem stitch.

You can see where I marked the lettering with pencil. I did not trace like the tutorial suggested, but just used a pencil and eraser when I messed up. I used a ruler to make sure I was writing straight though.

I will say, the embroidery was a good lesson and overall looked fine. But my fingers calloused from the needle threading! They were so sore afterwards. I will probably not embroider for a while.


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