Vanilla Bean Cake with Chocolate Ganache

For my fiance’s birthday I wanted to do a more elegant cake, so I thought, what’s an expensive ingredient? Vanilla bean! I found this vanilla bean cupcake recipe from MyBakingAddiction and adapted it for a 3 layer cake.

Here’s the recipe for the Vanilla Bean Cake: 

Here’s the recipe for the Chocolate Ganache (from Joy of Baking): 

Put it All Together

  1. I made the Vanilla Bean Cake into three layers instead of two. I believe I doubled the recipe above. I had extra batter left for four cupcakes. 
  2. I used the good ole Sprinkles vanilla buttercream for in between the layers. I spread a layer of buttercream between each layer. Then I crumb coated the entire cake. This is very important if you don’t want lumpy crumbs to appear in your chocolate ganache covering. I then refrigerated the cake for a couple hours until it cooled.
  3. I made the Chocolate Ganache recipe above. Then I poured it on top using a spatula to smooth the ganache evenly over the side of the cake. I covered the entire side of the cake.
  4. Before the chocolate ganache completely dried (I let it solidify a little so the decorations wouldn’t just run down the side), I intended to line the sides with these pirouettes I found. I used this pepperidge farm kind. But it did not look as I wanted. So I took them off and proceeded to crush them with my hands. I then pressed the crushed pieces against the side of the cake. It actually turned out better than what I pictured.
  5. I then made little chocolate molds from a moldI bought from Michaels of course. I think it was a dollar or something. I used dark and white chocolates. I also made some random shapes and designs by piping melted semi-sweet chocolate on wax paper. You can see them clearly on the cupcakes. That’s how I also wrote Happy Birthday on the cake.

I also vow never to take food pictures with the regular camera again instead of my DSLR. These photos are not as sharp…

By the way, you’ll need a humongous knife to cut a 3 layer cake.


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