Homemade Funfetti Cake – and Fondant Decorating!

I know too many people that funfetti is their favorite type of cake. One of them is my sister, so for her bridal shower, I made her a homemade funfetti cake. I wanted to make the cake match her wedding colors – pink and green, so I used pink and green sprinkles!

So I must admit. I didn’t completely make the cake from scratch, but pretty close. I used the white almond cake recipe, but tweaked it a little (instead of the almond extract, use vanilla), and I added sprinkles to it. I used the same Sprinkles vanilla buttercream recipe as usual. Why change a good thing? Then I covered the cake in fondant and decorated it with gum paste roses. I will talk about the gum paste roses in another post.

Here’s the recipe for the funfetti cake:

The fondant, I must admit, I bought from Michaels. I used the Wilton’s brand of fondant. Make sure you read the box for the amount of cake it covers so you get enough! I did talk to someone who owned a catering company that makes fondant cakes. They said they buy their fondant because that fondant has usually been tested for different temperatures and humidity and is less temperamental than if you make it yourself. I believe her considering I tried making my own fondant before and it turned out to be a gross purple ball of grease.

Steps to decorate the cake with fondant (this was my first time, so it’s not that good. But I recently took a cake decorating class where they showed us the professional way to do that. I’ll try to interject their tips.

1. Crumb coat your cake! That means applying a thin layer of buttercream icing on the whole entire cake. I have no picture for this unfortunately. Refrigerate the crumb coated cake before putting on the fondant. This firms up the cake and makes it easier to cover.

2.  Dust your cleaned working surface with some corn starch. Powdered sugar gets sticky and you won’t use enough corn starch to make it taste weird. Roll out the fondant and make sure it’s enough to cover the cake top and sides. Continue to lift and turn the fondant as you’re rolling out the fondant so it doesn’t get stuck to the table.

3.  Use two arms to lift the fondant up and centered on the cake. Begin smoothing the top down like gluing your fondant to the cake buttercream coat. Then start on the corners of the cake smoothing the fondant down. Make sure your fondant is fanned out at the bottom as you start smoothing the sides down. I would probably watch a video on this to get the technique down. It should look like below when you’re done.

4.  After this step, take a pizza cutter and cut around the cake close to the base. It will look like this when you’re done (I actually just used a sharp pairing knife to do this)

5.  Then I did the second tier with the same technique. If you have two tiers, the second tier should be on a cake cardboard bottom. This is for the supports to rest on so it doesn’t go through the cake.

6.  Then I made pink fondant dots to “glue” on the white tier. You can just drop food coloring into the fondant and knead it until the color is even throughout the whole fondant ball. I used the Wilton rose color (it was more of a gel), the gels don’t change the consistently of whatever you’re coloring as much as the liquid ones do. So roll out the fondant and then use a circle shaped cookie cutter to cut out shapes.

7.  To glue the fondant shapes on the fondant I used a mixture of a little bit of water and fondant and let the fondant dissolve. From my class, I learned you could use some water and meringue powder. Both seemed to work fine for me. Use a brush and the “glue” sparingly. Too much will dissolve the fondant! Gently press the shapes on the cake.

8. Next I cut dowel rods to the height of my first tier. I put four rods around the center of the cake spread out about to the diameter of the second tier. Here’s what I learned from my cake class – use bubble tea straws! You can just stick the straw in the cake and cut it. Then you don’t have to measure and saw the dowel rods. Plop the second tier on top. 

You can see the flaws in the second tier in this picture, that’s what decorations are for! Covering them up.

9.  Next I colored more fondant green and rolled it into balls. This is very time consuming, but it ends up looking cute. If I did it again I would probably just use royal frosting and pipe on balls. It still looks cute.

10.  Now time to eat!


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