DIY – Water Bottle Labels

My first crafts post! I made these last year for my sister’s wedding. They wanted personalized water bottles for the guest bags, but if you buy them they are pretty expensive. So I volunteered to make them for her. First, I purchased water bottles from Costco – best place on earth. I bought the Kirkland brand, I believe it was ridiculously cheap about $3.99 for a 24 pack, or maybe even a 36 pack. I forget, that’s how cheap it was. Second, I measured the water bottle label size for these bottles – these do differ between brands of bottles. Third, I made labels in Microsoft Publisher to those dimensions. Print out the labels and let’s go!



Materials You’ll Need: 

  • water bottles
  • custom made labels printed out
  • clear tape with width equal to or larger than labels
  • scissors
  • patience

1.  Rip off old labels so you have a nice new canvas to work with.






2.  Cut labels, if you used computer paper like me. Here are my labels, scissors, and tape. Maybe if you work in an office or your dad works in an office, they can print you nice color labels…off-work hours of course.








I did a rough cut at first and then trimmed it after I put the taper over it. You could also get a nice paper cutter – I bought when later for another project and wish I had thought of this before. I didn’t buy this one, but it looks pretty similar and I got mine at Michaels.









3.  Now the patience part. Take your nicely cut label or rough cut label, take your tape and stick one end on a table or something fixed (at least this is how I found it easiest to place), then place your label upside down on the tape – LEAVE A HALF INCH AT EACH END UNCOVERED. Watch out, tape produces a lot of static and attracts the paper to it faster than you would think. There were a couple labels ruined in this process.
















4.  Cut off any extra tape or tape and label off the edges.











5.  Now you can wrap it around your water bottle.









6.  VOILA! Sorry the picture quality is so crappy.


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