Collapsible Cupcake/Cake Caddy

My fiance (boyfriend at the time) bought me this collapsible cupcake/cake caddy for Christmas. This was one of the best gifts ever! This caddy carries up to a two-tier, two-layer cakes (with no big flower or anything on top), it also comes with two cupcake holders that carries up to 24 cupcakes. I have even tested this caddy and swung it to the side with 24 cupcakesin it. Some went a little crooked, but for the most part, they held in place. (and by tested I mean, I somehow forgot I was carrying 24 cupcakes and just kind of swung this thing while swinging my gym bag over my shoulder, but hey, who’s watching…) The best part though, the whole lid collapses so it’s easier to store.

My advice  if you make lots of cakes and cupcakes that you take to friends’ parties, family events, or even to work, buy this! It is well worth it.

The one I have is the Progressive International Cupcake Carrier (it is great, but I will say that one of the clips broke at some point). I always tape the clips down anyway because I am too paranoid to think these little clips could support my ginormous cake or cupcakes.


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