Almond Cake with Raspberry Filling

I had just moved to Boston, so my mom was visiting my fiance and I for the first time to our new apartment. We had his family over and we made a nice dinner for everyone (more like my fiance did – New England clam chowder, baked haddock, other stuff I can’t remember, and I made an arugula orange and beet salad). Since my mom came all the way up from Delaware, I decided to make her favorite – almond cake. This time I used one based with almond paste, so it’s a lot more dense and almond flavor than just adding almond extract. I used the almond cake recipe from David Lebowitz.

I then used the raspberry filling from a previous post. I cut the almond cake I made in half and just filled it with the raspberry. This time, since there is no frosting on this cake, I didn’t worry about any raspberry oozing out. I then made fresh whipped cream, recipe here:

I sprinkled powdered sugar over the cake. Cut a slice, put a dollop of whipped cream, and some fresh raspberries to garnish. I wish I had a photo, but my camera was being uncooperative and the SD erased. Boo…


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