Online Shopping – Members ONLY

I love online shopping. You can sit on your couch in your pajamas, drink your morning coffee (or eat your nighttime ice cream) and just browse online on your computer for great deals and cute outfits. I would definitely call myself a thrifty shopper, although sometimes I might splurge on something really nice, but above all, I never buy anything that is not discounted or on sale. NEVER.

As I get older, I realize that I need to shop more quality than quantity, but at Nordstrom Rack don’t you get both? I get off topic, since this is an online shopping post, here are some of my favorite member-only discount sites for clothes, accessories, shoes, and home stuff!

  • Gilt – the name says it all, guilt you’ll feel for spending mucho $$$ on that really cute Moschino sweater…but hey, it’s still discounted from the original price of $798 right?
  • Rue La La – lalalalala, is all I sing as I’m happily browsing this site. They have a locals page for major cities in the US that give you deals on local restaurants, shops, and shows – kind of like Groupon!
  • Ideeli – now this site I would say is a little more affordable than the other two. You’ll occasionally have a Chanel sale on here that is ridiculously expensive still, but they have brands that will get you something more around $30 for a dress.
  • Zulily – this site is mostly for people with babies and kids. I’m talking sales on clothes, gear, toys, and maternity wear. However, they do have a nice women’s section for those of us without kids with cute and comfy clothes and shoes. If you are around the age I am where all your friends are getting married and having kids, this is a nice site to get them something very minature and cute…for their kid of course!

Stay tuned for more…


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