Nutella Vanilla Twist Cupcakes

If you like Nutella, do not leave this page! I altered this recipe from These have a heavy chunk of pure nutella in the center. I made these for our team’s project manager who was leaving our company, and she shared them with all of my coworkers. I think the most frequent question was “is there just a ball of chewy chocolate in the center?”. YES!

Quick Tips/Fun Facts:

– In step 2, the sugar and butter is melted together first in a pan – this step ensures that the cupcake will have a slightly shiny and very thin chewy surface. When you do this step in making homemade brownies, it gives you that shiny crust on top that’s both chewy and crunchy. YUM!

– In step 4, the recipe calls for the batter to sit for about an hour or even as long as 3 days in the refrigerator. This will help the batter thicken, otherwise, the batter mixture is very soupy.

– I doubled the chocolate cupcake recipe for 24 cupcakes. Then I made enough buttercream icing of each, vanilla and nutella, to cover 12 cupcakes, since I combined them.

– The Sprinkles buttercream recipe could probably be cut in half, I was left with a lot of vanilla buttercream, but the recipe said it yielded for 12 cupcakes. I supposed 12 cupcakes generously frosted.

Now the recipe:


Yield:  24 Cupcakes frosted with Nutella Vanilla Buttercream

Now, how did I assemble all the parts of the recipe? Here’s how:

Directions to fill cupcakes

1.  Make a small hole in the cupcake for filling. I use a mellon baller and just scoop out a little cupcake. You can scoop out as much as you want, just make sure you have enough nutella to fill them. I wouldn’t hollow through to the bottom of the cupcake though.

2.  Use a sandwich bag (most economical for me rather than using a real piping bag) and cut hole in corner. Fill with the rest of the Nutella. Fill cupcakes. I keep the leftover balls of cupcake and mix it with the Nutella and leftover buttercream for a delicious snack later.

Directions to do the cool twisty vanilla/nutella piping

I learned this from Good Life Eats.

1.  Fill one smaller piping bag with vanilla buttercream frosting. Fill second smaller piping bag with nutella buttercream frosting. Cut the ends off of each piping bag.

2.  Place both bags in one larger piping bag with a piping tip of choice. Quite honestly, I screwed up on this one. I shoved two piping bags that apparently weren’t small enough, or the larger piping bag wasn’t big enough, so the icing wouldn’t squeeze out because all the icing was too squished. I ended up taking off the tip I was using and just using the bag hole for the shape – that’s the shape in the photo. If I had my way I would’ve used a Tip 2A. For some other ones I used the Tip 1M.

Directions to eat

DEVOUR. The icing was very tall on these cupcakes. This may have actually required direction to eat if I wasn’t such a cupcake-eater expert. My favorite thing to do, take half the cupcake off the bottom and stick it on top of the icing, almost like a nice cupcake sandwich…


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